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Create a truly beautiful Garden Room.

Poseidon Spaces transforms your old back garden into a personalised haven. From skylights to underfloor heating and everything in between…

Our design experts collaborate with you to make your space as one of a kind as you are

Your Space

Innovative garden room designs that give you peace of mind – not a stressed one.

Relax & Think

Because it’s hard to relax if you’re worried about outcomes…


Let your neighbours gaze upon your modern architecture while you increase your property’s value with Poseidon Spaces.

Affordable luxury

Your getaway from the busy world.
A place to put your feet up,

Poseidon Spaces

Take inspiration or go fully bespoke

The Athena

The Hermes

The Poseidon

The Zeus

Poseidon Spaces

You know we’re going to build you something special.

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Poseidon Spaces


Home Office

Home Gym

Entertainment Area


Meditation Room

Games Room


Living Space

Superior methods lead to Superior buildings

We care about the investments

that you make into your home

We care about the investments that you make into your home

That’s why Poseidon Spaces are crafted for long-term use.

Timber can warp and rot.

Your Poseidon Space is created using a non-combustible steel frame, that is reinforced with external insulated sheathing.

Maximise head-room

with our flush floor foundation

Maximise head-room with our flush floor foundation

Poseidon Space’s flush floor finish provides a seamless transition from home to your private space…

With our foundation you gain more internal height than with ground-screws.

Allow the finer details help you decide the right company for you…

Poseidon Spaces are built

with a design focus

Poseidon Sapaces are built to be soundproof

  • Our garden rooms will always look and feel different to any other garden room company’s.
  • Each space we create has a unique and well thought out design that will leave you in awe.

Get the process started to create a special garden room with us and give us a call.

Poseidon Spaces

Build Features

Poseidon Spaces are built with nothing but quality and
convenience in mind. Our garden rooms include:

Reinforced Concrete Foundation

Strong Steel frame

High Insulation Values

Aluminium Doors & Windows

Power & Lighting

Plumbing & Heating

Premium Cladding

10 Year Warranty

Poseidon Spaces

Got some questions to determine whether we’re the company for you

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Poseidon Spaces

Inspired by global designs

You’re looking for a space that looks and feels like its own rejuvenating sanctuary.

Poseidon Spaces draws architectural inspiration from Global destinations such as…

Customize & create your vision

With our collection of garden rooms to inspire you, you can modify one of our models or we can create one for you from scratch.

You’ll be able to customize things like…

Poseidon Spaces are for you if...

You care about aesthetic design.

You want to feel like a God or Goddess in your own personal, private space.

You care about longevity.

You want a garden room that’s going to last more than a couple of years and not blow over in a bad storm.


You’d rather enjoy the comforts of your home than spend time, energy and money on getting out of town; and dealing with traffic delays and extortionate costs.

Poseidon Spaces

You’ve had a read and you think me might be the company for you

Our build slots are going fast, don’t waste any more time and get in touch now!

Poseidon Spaces

Lavish design

We’ll proceed to show you a bespoke architectural render, that will allow you to envision your new garden room at your home.

Access starry nights with skylights.

Fresh flush micro-cement flooring that provides a look that's contemporary and exotic.

Textures to admire thanks to carefully crafted combinations of render and cladding facades.

Create the focal point of your Poseidon Space with interior cladding.

Our Process

Step 1

Get in touch to share your garden room goals and desires with us, you can take inspiration from one of our models or we can begin building yours from your mind to create something exquisite.

Step 2

We’ll then have a design consultation at your home, where we’ll discuss the best position and layout for your garden room; and really get into speccing out a high-end space.

We’ll also be looking for manholes for any pipework we’ll be running; and the route of the armoured cable for electricity that your Poseidon Space will have.

Step 3

Once we’ve had design discussions and we determine we’ll be a good fit for each other, you’ll be invited to our show space.

Here, we’ll let our work speak for itself while you savour a Poseidon Space.

Step 4

We’ll proceed to show you a bespoke architectural render, that will allow you to envision your new garden room at your home.

When you are ready to add a Poseidon Space to your back garden, you’ll pick a start date and are assigned your personal build team.

Step 5

Your project manager will fine tune all the details of your private Poseidon Space until it’s time to begin building.

From your first interaction beyond your last interaction with us, you can relish in our professionalism.

Step 6

We’ll hand over the keys and ensure you’re completely happy with everything we’ve done. Then it’s time to enjoy your beautiful garden room.

What our Customers say about us

So we had 5 companies come to give us a quote but to be honest, from the get go, Poseidon Spaces really stood out. The design ideas they had were unique and different to any of the other companies we spoke to / what we could see online. To add to that, in terms of the spec they were offering and the price point we did feel it was good value for money. Having met Prabu and spoken to him on numerous occasions before going forward, really put our mind at ease as he does know his stuff. In the end we’ve received a high-end, top finish garden room that we’re making great use of and couldn’t be happier. Couldn’t recommend enough and family and friends are already asking for the details of who built this for us!

Poseidon Spaces

Frequently Asked questions

Poseidon Spaces create assets through quality:

  • Materials
  • Craftsmanship
  • Design

With this quality, Poseidon Spaces increase property value while providing you with what you want.

Poseidon Spaces Garden Rooms start off at £15,000.

You can contact us on 020 805 04582 to share your vision with us.

A garden room is a single storey dwelling, officially classed as an outbuilding; built to the standard of a house and goes in your back garden. They have a multitude of uses such as home office, home gym, entertainment area, spa etc.

The cost of a Poseidon space garden room varies depending on a number of factors such as size, design, and features. Prices range anywhere from £15,000 all the way up to £100,000+ You can contact Poseidon Spaces for a personalised quote.

Adding a garden room can add value to your property, although the amount varies depending on various factors. A well-designed and functional garden room can improve the overall appeal and functionality of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. You can expect to add anywhere from 10-15%

The lifespan of a garden room depends on various factors such as the quality of materials used, the level of maintenance, and the frequency of use. We expect a Poseidon Space garden room to last for a life-time.

There are certain parameters to follow to ensure your garden room falls under permitted development and does not need planning permission.

Garden room takes up less than 50% of the total land around the house
Garden room is under 2.5m high if within 2m of boundary
Garden room is under 3m high if over 2m from boundary and 4m high if a dual—pitched roof
Garden room use is incidental i.e. not used as living accommodation

The garden room can take up to 50% of the land around the house without requiring planning permission.

If a garden room is over 30sqm or built to be used as living accomodation then it will need to go through building control. If it is been 15sqm and 30sqm and within 1m of a boundary, if it’s not built out of substantially non-combustible materials then it will need building control approval, but a Poseidon space garden room is.

You can sleep in your garden room if it meets certain criteria such as being connected to the main house’s services and meeting building regulations.

Yes, you can Airbnb your garden room as long as it has been through building control and planning permission.

Poseidon Spaces

We build one of a kind garden rooms that your garden needs

Limited build slots available so get in touch now.

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